Friday, November 16, 2012

Fall cookies

I made some Fall sugar cookies for gifts last night. I think they came out pretty cute.
I packaged them up, and added this cute tag from Dimple Prints.
They are part of a great Thanksgiving printable party that they were so nice to offer for free.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Elf on a Shelf

I love looking at everyone's pictures of their Elf on a Shelf.  Last year was the first year an elf showed up at our house.  My boys named him Zork.  I thought I'd share my pictures of our elf's adventures.

The book came in the mail from the North Pole. 

He showed up the next morning after the book.  He was holding a letter from Santa introducing him.  The free printable can be found at Organized Christmas   He was also holding 2 blank dear Santa letters for each of my boys with instructions for them to fill them out and leave them for him.  The free printable can be found at Crafty Carnival

The next day he returned the letters and they were approved and signed by Santa as long as they were good.

My 5 year old loves making volcanos and science experiments.  The Elf made a volcano and a big mess.  The next morning he cleaned up but left some of the baking soda with I'm sorry written in it.


 That night my 2 year old touched the Elf. The next day he had to rest to get his magic powers back.
He read 'Twas the Night before Christmas

He brought them a North Pole breakfast.  There was a note telling them that Santa told him to bring it because they were being good.

He went used a parachute, but ended up hanging from the ceiling fan.
He put a coloring book page on a picture frame and used it as an easel.
He baked some cupcakes for my son's birthday and ate one.
He played on a shelf in the playroom.
He had a cotton ball snowball fight with some Lego minifigures.
He hung on on some decorations on the wall. 
He was tangled up in some christmas decorations
Up on at shelf with Grandpa's flag.
More wall decorations...

He was sitting high up on the TV

He made cinnamon roll sticks for breakfast.

He hid in the freezer eating a cake pop.

He got caught up in the blinds in the boys' room

He left them a message in toothpaste.

He played with the gingerbread people and made a little sign.

Photo copied himself
Went for a ride in the car. 

My husband's a pilot and works holidays a lot.  We don't always celebrate Christmas on Christmas day.  We celebrate Pilot's Christmas before he leaves when he works on Christmas.  The kids get to open all their family gifts.  Just the Santa gifts show up on Christmas morning.  The elf made a banner for it. 

Hanging out on the Christmas tree.  No matter what we tried we couldn't get a star to stay on top of this tree.  We ended up with my dog angel from years ago.  The kids thought he wa great.

Christmas Eve morning is his last day here.  He left the kids some goodies.  They had made the foam gingerbread houses a few days before. 
He left them a good buy letter in his teeny tiny writing.
I found a free printable for these really cute naughty or nice tags at

They also got some bags of reindeer food to sprinkle on the lawn that night.  This really cute free printable is from  The TomKat Studio

 Now I have to start wondering about what our elf will do this year...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lego Party

This party was also submitted my Katie Kourembis.  She made this Lego party for my nephew Roman's 3rd birthday.  The party was held at  Brickapalooza .  It is a play place with tons of Lego's for the kids to build with. 

She made the banner, stickers, tags and an iron-on for this super cute t-shirt on photoshop using the legothic font.  It can be downloaded for free from Fonts 101

The perfect birthday hat for a Lego builder...  a construction hat.

She had a tower of cupcakes topped with a Lego head storage container.  It made the perfect centerpiece for this party.  The giant legos in the background are also storage containers.  They can all be found at the Container Store.

The cupcakes were decorated with chocolate Legos that she made using a building bricks candy mold

She decorated colored lunch bags with circles to look like legos.  They were filled with mini m&m's, lego minifigure crayons, coloring books, cookies and enough Lego pieces to make 2  vehicles.

She made the crayons by peeling and melting regular crayons and baking in a mini figure mold from the Lego store.  She made the coloring book covers using building bricks style on photoshop from Scrap Girls.  The pages were made from coloring sheets available on  She got the vehicle pieces from the pick a brick wall at her local Lego store.

She made homemade iced sugar cokies in the shape of Lego bricks.  She cut out square cookies and small circle cookies.  After baking them she attached the small round ones to the larger ones with a small amount of icing.  Once they were dry she dipped the entire thing into the icing.  The cookie and icing recipes are from Wilton

All the kids had a great time building and playing.  Their creations were all so different and it was fun to see what they came up with.  There were also big ramps so they could race their vehicle against each other.  Even the adults joined in on the building fun.