Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dr. Seuss Summer Celebration

My friend Kimberly and I wanted to have an ice cream and pool party to celebrate the first day of summer.  We are both huge Dr. Seuss fans so we thought that would be a fun theme for our party. 

The party was at Kimberly's house.
She decorated the walkway to her door with some really cute chalk drawings.

Since Dr. Seuss books are so bright and colorful they made the perfect decorations.  We also decorated with some stuffed animals I have collected over the years. 

We had a little craft for the kids to do before we headed outside for ice cream and swimming.  They each decorated a drink koozie with their name.  We were serving bottled water so we thought this was a great way to keep track of the bottles and make a craft at the same time.

I found a really cute free Dr. Seuss printable party on WC Designs
I used some of it to make this banner.

We served chocolate and vanilla ice cream with all the topping.  Instead of bowls we used cups that Kimberly decorated with tape to look the the Cat in the Hat's hat.  They we much easier than bowls for little hands to hold.  We also had snack mix with "one fish two fish red fish blue fish" crackers.

We had more books and stuffed animals outside on the deck.

The kids loved the bubble machine.  

We made lots of cute signs with cardstock and pages of Dr. Seuss' books.  We also used some clipart .

 This was my favorite sign.  It was hanging on the door as people left at the end of the party.

We all had so much fun.  After the kids ate their ice cream and got all sticky they got to jump in the pool.  They swam and played for hours which was great considering that they had just filled up on ice cream!

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