Friday, April 20, 2012

Carnival Party

Owen's 2nd Birthday - Carnival Party

I really wanted to do a carnival theme for Owen's 2nd birthday.  I searched on Etsy, and found lots of great party printables.  I decided to use this Circus Carnival Printable Party by Dimple Prints.  The set had lots of signs for my games and food, plus all the other paper goods I needed to make.

I found some red and white polka dot wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby to use as a backdrop, and to cover the tables.  I saw the circus frame while I was there, and thought it would be a good centerpiece for the wall.

I tried to make lots of carnival food.   We had mini funnel cakes

mini pretzles

carmel apple slices on a stick

carmel popcorn with and without nuts...  I made the printable cupcake wrappers that said popcorn.  I used double sided tape to attach a real cupcake wrapper in the bottom, and then I used them as serving cups to hold the carmel corn.

You can't have a carnaval party without cotton candy

cake pops too...

Finally a big pitcher of lemonade to wash it all down....

I made the cake myself.  I saw the idea for the cake and giant swirl pop in the center somewhere online.  I can't remember where.  This party was actually a year and a half ago.  If it's yours comment and I will link you... sorry.  I cut all the shapes out of fondant and added them to the white cake.  It came out better than I expected.  I just wanted it to be really colorful.

For the games we had pin the trunk on the elephant

a clown bean bag toss... I searched for clown coloring pages online, found one and drew it really big on a cardboard display board.  I cut holes to look like balls and made bean bags with some fabric squares stuffed with dry beans.

a fishing game...  I used another cardboard display board.  I painted it to look like water and fish.  I attached a small bucket to a play fishing pole.  My aunt was kind enough to sit back there and fill the bucket with prizes (stickers, bracelets, silly straws & tattoos) when the kids caught a "fish"

Everyone got clown noses and silly glasses

The favors were elephant shapes sugar cookies in red striped bags.  I guess I didn't take a picture of the cookies.

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