Saturday, April 21, 2012

Robot Party

Ryan's 5th Birthday - Robot Party

My son Ryan couldn't decide between transformers, R2D2 or Wall E for his 5th birthday.  We decided to just go with a general robot theme.  We had so much fun planning this party.  We used lots of stuff that otherwise would have ended up in the recycling bin.  Our favors were empty cans that I hot glued different metal parts to.  It was a good time to clean out the garage and find extra nuts, bolts, washers, picture hangers and anything else I could find. 

I was determined to have robot cookies, but I couldn't find a robot cookie cutter anywhere.  I took 2 old cookies cutters and used them to make the robot cutter.  It took about an hour of bending with pliers to get it the way I wanted and some hot glue to hold it together.  In the end it all worked out.

I decorated half of the cookies to be part of the favors.  The other half was for a craft/snack at the party.

I made 2 big robots out of boxes and silver wrapping paper.  Some "junk" hot glued on for decorations.  The kids loved them.

Ryan came up with a game idea.  He wanted everyone to wear a robot costume and use a robot arm to get candy out of a box.  We ended up making 1 costume out of a box and mask out of another box.  We covered the boxes in wrapping paper. The candy they had to grab was packs of mini twizzlers which we called wires.

We had lots of activities for the kids.  First, I bought some robot cutouts at Michaels for the kids to decorate with foam shape stickers, glitter glue, crayons and eyes.

Our second craft was to make their own robot mask.  I found some silver square paper plates.  I cut out the eyes and a flap for the nose.  I punched holes on the sides and attached some chenille stems.  They twisted them together behind their head to keep the mask on when they finished.  We used more of the foam shapes as decorations.

Our last 2 crafts were also snacks.  I had some mini and large marshmallows and some pretzel sticks to make little robots.  I also put out some food markers to draw the faces.  I guess I forgot to take some pictures of the creations the kids came up with, but you can use your imagination.  They were very cute!

Our last activity was to use the left over cookies. I put out the cookies, squeeze bottles of gray icing and a cupcake pan filled with sprinkles and candy for the kids to decorate their own robot cookies.  This seemed to be the most popular activity. 

I found the cake idea in the book What's new, cupcake?   I love this book along with the first book Hello Cupcake.  They both have super cute ideas. 

We had lots of people so I also made some cupcakes with gray frosting and silver sprinkles.  We have lots of robot toys in the house so they because decorations for the party.

I made some robot brownie pops from the cake pops book by Bakerella which took a lot of time, but we so cute.  I was so happy I made them.  I'm not sure that I will make brownie pops again.  They were really hard to work with because of all the oil in them.  Cake pops are much easier.

I tried to make the food robot themed.  There was nuts and bolts snack mix which was pretzel sticks, fruit loops and some other cereal drizzled in white chocolate and topped with silver sprinkles.  We also had computer chips which were blue corn chips.

We also had loose screw pasta salad, fruit salad and a robot made of fruit.  I got the idea for the fruit robot online somewhere, but I can't remember where.  Post a comment if its yours and I will add a link... sorry!

I made a candy tray with silver sixlets, brown chocolate twizlers,  some kind of gummy coils, and long flat sour gummy strips.

I filled the tin can favors with robot stickers I found on ebay, robot pops from Oriental trading, the decorated sugar cookies and wind up robots from Target.    I put some silver duct tape around the top edge of the can to cover any sharp edges.

It was a great party.  All the kids had lots of fun and my son loved it.

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