Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Monkey Party

Owen's 1st Birthday - Monkey Party

Since my little boy loved to climb on everything and loved bananas I decided to do a monkey party for his first birthday. 

I made green and brown cupcakes.  The green had cupcake toppers on them.  The brown ones were monkey heads.  They came out so cute.  They are called monkey munchie cupcakes on the wilton website.  There is a pattern for the faces.  You put it under wax paper as a guide, and make the faces out of chocolate. 

I made some banana shaped sugar cookies.  I couldn't find a cookie cutter so I just rolled the dough into a snake shape.  I flattened it on the pan and curved it a little to look like a banana.  I used the icing to try to make the shapes look a little better.

I made a banner with my cricut.  I had a zoo animal alphabet set and I used the monkey from it.

I made chocolate covered bananas and mini banana puddings which were nilla wafers topped with vanilla pudding and a banana slice.  We also had a bowl full of banana shaped runts candy. 

The favors were little stuffed monkeys holding a bag of snacks.  For the older kids we had dried banana chips and yellow, brown and green m&m's.  For the babies we had the banana shaped baby cookies. 

I made his birthday hat.  I didn't take pictures of how I made it and it was 2 years ago so I don't have all the details.  I'll try to explain what I did.  Sorry if it doesn't make much sense without pictures.  I basically made an arc shaped pattern so that when you join the sides it turns into a cone.  I played with the paper until it made a cone shape and size I liked.  I cut out 2 pieces of fabric with the pattern shape and a piece of iron on interfacing.  Then iron all the pieces together.  With the outside of the hat on the inside sew the 2 edges together that would make the cone shape. Flip the hat right side out.  You now have the cone.  There should still bea  little opening at the point.  I took a bunch of ribbon and tied it together with a thick double knot.  I pushed the ends of the ribbon through the hole at the top leaving the knot on the inside.  I tied another knot on the outside of the point to keeo the ribbon in place.  For the bottom I used flexible fabric glue to add some trim to cover the raw edges.  I used puff paint for the name and number plus a little iron on monkey.  I stitched some ribbon on the inside of each side to tie under his chin to keep the hat on. 

It was a really cute party, and Owen really enjoyed his cupcakes.  His big brother loved helping with the party ideas, and made sure Owen had a good time.

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